The Ledger
We are building a new structure called the blocktree that will allow the Dabacus ledger to have a scheduled scaling mechanism. This structure allows unbounded scaling, scaling which grows with time. The blocktree structure forms a network of networks, a set of parallel chains. The blocktree is accompanied by a scripting language called Dabscript which describes an exhaustive set of ledger instructions.

Our Network

We are building Dabacus for the world and we need you to help us make this possible. We are collaborating with events around the world and arranging meetups for those interested in Dabacus' development. The community we are building has a resilience and a drive that we believe will be of great value to all.


Now what are we in for ?

Dabacus is innovating and leading the peer-to-peer open source space to new frontiers. A lot of ground has been covered over the last 10 years but we are still far away from having the low risk and high volume profile needed for a mature developing economy. We are learning and growing together every day and our knowledge space is in rapid constant expansion.
Dabacus is a global peer-to-peer accountancy network of networks focused on parallel scalability and advance wallet functionality. On the long road towards decentralization we are committed to making Dabacus the leading source of liquidity in the world.

A snapshot into what we expect to attain with our mission

Liberty and responsibility go hand in hand. While we, as individuals and as a society, gain greater liberty, we also gain greater responsibility for each other and our environment. Expanding both liberty and responsibility is one of the main core values of our mission.


Dabax is the portal to the ledgers. Dabax is the most innovative wallet technology with features that allow businesses to deploy their own ledger programs to economically interact with users without needing third party infrastructure thanks to Edge Decentralize Applications Deployment (eDAD).

Blocktree (The Explorer)

The Blocktree Explorer is a new paradigm in ledger data. Data visualization for the blocktree ledger.


We are planting money trees and seeing them grow. Energy converted into cryptocurrency now and in our future.